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The concealed shower tap installation gives you freedom to design your shower the way you want it.

The installation can be done easily and safety with Joramark`s BOX300 product. The product is compatible with almost all concealed faucet models.

Due to the leak and rust proof casing, the connections between the tap frame and water pipes can be located inside an enclosed structure that conforms to the Building Code.

Leak detection via a PEX protecting pipe ensures a safe solution.

BOX300 is intended for use in new and renovation construction. The inlet pipes can be installed from either the top or the bottom.

Wash-hand basin and kitchen taps can also be installed with the concealed installation technique.

BOX300 deliveries to customers started in 2005.

The product has been granted the Nordic SITAC type approval and waterproofing certificate ETAG 022 Annex F.

If you have any questions about BOX300, call us: +358 400 301 021 or e-mail us: info (at), please.